335. Emla.

Being a woman in the 21st century definitely imposes certain obligations.

One of them is the requirement that the only hairs which a woman should have are those on the scalp. Ok. And a certain amount in the bikini area is tolerable. Sure, it all depends on personal or partner preferences. But still, there are only one or two alternative places where hair is ok.

The idea of shaving one’s body every day is beyond men’s comprehension. We don’t have the option to grow a beard on our legs and still be in fashion.  Not to mention our armpits. So, if you are a man, you might stop reading here.

Technology these days has come to the rescue, a bit. We have lasers. They are priceless. I love them.  I feel like this technology brought different dimension to my daily life.

Try it if you haven’t yet.

But to decide to go through that process, you really have to be desperate or have lost your mind.  It’s just that painful.

I did lose mine. But no regrets.

Today, though, going through that process again I am deeply grateful for having Emla. It’s anaesthetic cream. It saved me from a tremendous amount of pain, and also from from uncontrolled vocal abuse of the amazing lady who performed the treatment and brings about the verbal barrage through no fault of her own.

I do hope that during my lifetime hair are not going to come into fashion.  If so, then I am screwed.

I wish for you today the Emla effects anywhere you need it.

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