336.Feed the hungry.

We have all sorts of categories of friends.

Good friends. Bad friends. Temporary friends. And the best friends.

The best friends are like unicorns. Rare.

I am blessed and lucky to have several.

It happened to be the case that today I was traveling. I showed up as an unexpected guest at my sister’s place. Just in time for lunch. Lucky for me because she is an amazing cook. We already gave her two Michelin stars.

Had I planned to show up on time for lunch ?  Not really.  So that was a great surprise during a very busy day.

Later, on the way to Krakow I stopped by another friend’s place. One of those best friends. Again,  just perfect timing for dinner to be served.

Today I am truly grateful for the generosity of my friends. They feed the hungry.


I wish to you such amazing friends who happen also to be excellent cooks.


*photos by  courtesy of Natalia Listwan

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