Fragments of several skype calls with a special friend from some time ago:

(…) What should I cook ?  Chicken? Fish? Anything? I don’t want to be in charge of the decision. I just want to eating already. (…)

(…) Oh, I am happy you visited me in Thesalloniki. You had that instinct to come at the worst time. But is was good. All my friends felt sorry for me and were leaving me alone. But you had no idea what was going on, so I had go out and act normal.(…)

(…) she: I am so happy to visit you! I just bought my ticket to Warsaw.


She: Well Yes, the wedding is close to Warsaw, so that made the most sense.


She: What WHAT?!?

Me: Have you received our invitation ?

She: Yes.

Me: So….why Warsaw?

She: (disappeared for a minute, or 10, to find this invitation ) FUCK! This wedding is really close to Krakow.(…)

This last fragment was a simple beginning to a beautiful journey for her that summer. Definitely unforgettable. And flying in to Warsaw as opposed to Kraków was just the beginning.

Once in awhile, in some strange context in our life we meet people who,within the first minute we feel like we know them since “ever”. And without explanation  they end up in your heart. It feels like they already have their roots deep in your heart and with your warm welcome friendship starts to bloom immediately.

I am grateful for those moments. Here. Today. In particular, for the only kind Malaka I have ever know!

Double rainbow for the best Malaka all. the. way.

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