Paris. Interfilier. Salon International de la lingerie.

Yesterday was the day for another Lingerie Salon in Lodz. An Interesting endeavor. I regret I couldn’t be there in person. No doubt, it would have been an significant experience.
Despite my absence at this event, it triggered associations with an earlier Lingerie Salon and motivates me to summarize that exceptional trip to Paris Interfilier and Salon International de la Lingerie et du swimwear.
A trip which contained many surprises and a twist in the plot.
A trip which brought back my faith in people.
A trip which brought back my faith in myself.
An amazing time.
Paris. It’s a magical place for me. A place where I studied. Lived. I floated above it on Cupid’s wings but also I was healing my heart, pierced as it was with his arrows, and bleeding ceaselessly. A place that at least twice a year I visit. Paris has a part of me, and I have some of Paris inside me. It’s written in my DNA and earthly existence.
The Parisian Salon International de la Lingerie was for me this time totally different. Somehow more magical. More ‘mine’. The most ‘mine’ of all previous ‘mines’.





Lost camera. A blessing in disguise. Phew, a trifle. Camera. Not by a long shot a new one. Very old, even. But…the feeling…It was with me in different recesses of the world. On many continents. And the lens was amazing. However still in the larger scheme of things, the camera is just a thing which you acquire. There it is, and there it isn’t. Appears and disappears. Unfortunately, I needed it for my work. And that was the first of three Parisian fashion days, when it vanished into thin air. That day I left the fair with faith, actually, that it will be found by next day and be waiting for me at the police desk. I appeared there the next morning just before noon. “ Sorry, yesterday we had a lot of reports of missing items, so it was probably stolen”. That’s what I heard. Oh well. I left the police office and dove in to what was around me.
There was so much beauty that is was impossible to absorb it all.
For the skeptical security guys I must have been quite the phenomenon. Press pass and a phone as the tool of my profession?
By the end of that day I found my way to the police office again. A little spark of hope smouldered inside me that I will find my camera. That the person who took care of it yesterday, just partied a little too hard, and was a bit of a sleepyhead and came to the show later in the day. And.
Faith in people won!
It was there!
I had that whole day without the camera to think and analyze the reality which surrounded me before I ever was able to take a single photo, Ironically, this blessing in disguise gave me the freedom to create an international lingerie fashion report about the trends for Winter 2018. And what is waiting for us in the boutiques in Spring 2018 .
Having analyzed the lingerie market for 17 years allows me to have distance and a perspective on what’s new, what’s old, who was inspired by who. Despite all those years with my eye fixed on the horizon, on what’s coming, there always appears something that catches my eye.
This time the ubiquitous and loudest trend was to uncover your back. Those who killed themselves to get a six-pack this year will need to shift their focus to their back for next summer.
The Back. Les dos . Plecy.
And one more time. Back.
Fortunately, we still have time. There are still several months until summer.

From the lingerie brands there was one that drew my attention. It’s worth to have an eye on it. Exquisite.
Dora Larsen

In a huge mix of trends and variety of direction the one quality which brings them all together is

We have to look for ourselves very closely and carefully at what speaks to us the most.
Look for yourself. A hurly burly.

All of it appearing in a rich and pleasing tapestry of color for your eyes.








In winter 2018 it is gold as far as the eye can see. A lot. Even more than a lot. The best is to have the most.
Gold. Argent. Zloto.
Everywhere gold.
Be gold AF!









Above all it is most important not to take things too seriously, and have a splendiferous time.

Bye bye, Paris. See you in January.

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